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A little History....  

Our export division began in 1994, but Stoltzfus Export & Supply has been providing great feed service in Lancaster County, PA since 1987. The early focus was on premixed feed and large animal feed for the customers of Leon Stoltzfus, and when Dean Stoltzfus joined his father in the company in 1990, providing products for export to Bermuda began to take shape.

Dean met a Bermudian that had been purchasing Amish leather harness and carriages for some time in Lancaster County.  He also bought feed and supplies from the Stoltzfus company. He wanted Stoltzfus to consolidate the items he purchased throughout the area and ship them in one container to Bermuda.

The Stoltzfus company began to research the need and viability of providing not only equine supplies, like harnesses and feed, but other agricultural products. The Stoltzfus Company was able to create a system of sourcing and pickup to delivery through consolidation of export containers that were shipped to Bermuda. By combining several clients’ small shipments into one large shipping container, they effectively reduced their shipping costs. This meant that the Stoltzfus Company could continually supply their Bermudian customers with regular shipments that were cost effective, providing them with the products they needed for import, and Stoltzfus Export & Supply was born.

As would happen with great service, Stoltzfus Export & Supply was asked by friends in Bermuda to increase the product lines and to export additional items such as building and construction supplies and equipment, lawn and landscaping materials and equipment, and home furnishings. Stoltzfus Export & Supply now can literally supply nearly every item needed to build or run a home or farm.

Now shipping containers on a weekly basis, Stoltzfus Export & Supply has developed many long term customers in Bermuda and continue to find and add new products to their growing list for export to Bermuda. They want to find new and exciting ways to source Bermuda’s needs and export through consolidation of either full or partially full containers, all the products needed to HELP GROW BERMUDA.

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The staff at Stoltzfus Export & Supply is always ready to help you.  To reach an individual, just call 717-442-2000 and ask for the extension listed next to their name.  


Dean Stoltzfus Ext. 106


Amanda Russell Ext. 121
Sales Specialist


Scott Zduniak Ext. 129
Export Sales Supervisor                                     


Zack Leonard Ext. 125
Sales Specialist


Jeff Pace
Logistics Coordinator





Jim Stewart 
Warehouse and Maintenance Manager





Amy Hall
Receiving Supervisor





Brooke Mazepink
Export Receiver








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